Simple DIY Wall Organizer

If you are facing a clutter of items on your study table, take out some of your DIY spirit and make this simple wall organizer out of wire mesh.  Continue reading “Simple DIY Wall Organizer”

Loving This Black with Wooden Accents Home

We are loving how this homeowner pairs the generally black and dark palette with wooden accents to create such a wonderful contrast. Fantastic!

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Clad The Walls

Cladded walls usually exude some sophistication, especially in darker hues. Continue reading “Clad The Walls”

What Sorcery is This?!

OMG! I want these floating bonsais from Hosinchu!


Smart Bed by Yotel

Great small space solution by Yotel

How Do You Add Green into Your Home?

Green color represents life and brings about a calming effect. Staring at something green can help us relax after a hard day at work and its supposedly be good for our eyesight. Nowadays, home owners choose to deck their interiors in neutral colors such as grey together with black and white. Adding green as an accent can be the difference between a bland home and an awesomely unforgettable one. So how do you add green into your home? Continue reading “How Do You Add Green into Your Home?”

The Other Side of the Kitchen

We love how Camille Hermand Architectures set aside this dedicated counter space for electrical appliances with plenty power outlets installed for convenience and ease of use. Its colourful geometric backdrop is attention grabbing, coupled with functional black wall-lamps. Continue reading “The Other Side of the Kitchen”

Peep Into/From the Kitchen

You can peep into this kitchen from the living room or vice versa, through the opening at the bar counter space right smack among the walls. This welcomes interaction and connects spaces in a small apartment. Continue reading “Peep Into/From the Kitchen”

Accessorize your Bathroom

In this apartment designed by Raca Architekci, the bathroom is made stylish and cosy with a few key accessories. Continue reading “Accessorize your Bathroom”

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